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  Babaganoush 240g

Baraka Babaganoush is made from chargrilled eggplant, tahini and a mix of traditional spices to give rich, complex flavours

Tahini Wasabi with Edamame 240g

Baraka Tahini Wasabi was created as a Middle-Eastern - Asian fusion product, with Edamame (young soy beans) giving a grainy texture balanced by the delight of wasabi - WOW!

 Herb Tahini with Parsley 240g

Baraka Herb Tahini with Parsley is a traditional Middle-Eastern dip used as a side-dish on a falafel plate, salad dressing or simply as a dip. 

Tahini is made from grinding sesame seeds, the best tahini using the traditional stone-ground method.

We have 3 tahini based products in our range - Babaganoush, Herb Tahini with Parsley, (traditionally known as 'green tahini salad' and Tahini with Wasabi and Edamame - a Middle-Eastern / Asian fusion product.  Being relatively low in calories and having a low GI makes tahini products delicious, as well as an extremely healthy addition to the modern diet. Tahini is an excellent source of dietary protein