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Our company's Middle Eastern tradition ensures the use of only the highest quality products free of preservatives, colouring and chemicals, creating an exquisite authentic taste. Kosher certified

Baraka Byron Bay products are ideal for the retail market and are also available in bulk size for restaurants, café, takeaways, sandwichbars, school canteens, caterers and more.



Traditionaly smooth texture,

availble in 2.2kg or 10kg

Hummus with Za'atar herb & olive oil

The additional of the za'atar & olive oil creating a lovely flavour. Availble in 2.2kg 


Naturally smoke flavour of chargrilled eggplants,

availble in 2.2kg or 10kg


Fresh Falafel Mix

Gluten-free falafel mix with onions & fresh herbs, 

available in 2kg or 10kg

Moroccan Casicum Salsa

spicy rich flavour, our salsa made with casicum tomatoes onions & fresh herbs, 

available in 2.2kg or 10kg

Labneh Cheese

Strain yoghurt cheese, made using natural high quality milk

available in 2kg or 10kg with or without Za'atar & olive oil

Chilli Harissa

North african hot chilli paste, 

available in 150g, 2kg or 10kg